When to Schedule Newborn Photos

June 4, 2024

mother in blue dress holding newborn wrapped in white muslin wrap, standing in front of a blue hand painted backdrop


There’s nothing quite as magical as capturing those fleeting moments of the first days of your baby’s life. From their tiny fingers and toes, to their delicate features, a newborn session is a chance to freeze time and preserve the memories that will last a lifetime. However, timing is crucial when it comes to newborn photography, and knowing when to schedule newborn photos can not only be confusing, but also make all the difference in your images.

I generally find that the ideal time frame for a newborn session falls within the first 2-14 days for two reasons:

  1. So much changes with a newborn in just a matter of days. In the first 14 days, they’re just so new and tiny, are typically more sleepy and snuggly, and this does change quite quickly. They will only be this tiny for a very short time. It’s easy to forget just how tiny they start, but capturing it will bring back all the love and awe you felt in those first days of being together.
  2. In the days immediately following birth, it’s natural for new moms to need some time to recover physically and emotionally. By waiting a few days after birth, moms can start feeling more comfortable and ready to participate in the session, making for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Newborn sessions are not simply about creating stunning images your sweet new babe, but about celebrating the simple joy, and genuine love found in motherhood. It is absolutely humbling to be able to capture these fine-art photographs, being able to pause the fleeting moments that make up the early days of motherhood and celebrating where you are, right now. You’ve done a miraculous thing, bringing life into the world, and stepping into motherhood is worth celebrating. I remember when my daughter was born, the last thing I thought I wanted was to be in front of the camera, and I was so self conscious… but now I treasure those photos of us together at the beginning of our journey and am so thankful to have them. By waiting until at least 2 days postpartum, this will give you a chance to recover enough that you can be comfortable getting in a few photos. No, you will not be fully recovered… give yourself time and grace for that. But we will take things easy and at the pace you’re able to go, to get breathtaking photos of your brand new love and the role you’ve stepped into. Also, in case you haven’t heard about our full-service experience… I will have you so well cared for and create the easiest experience that takes the stress of getting ready out of the way with professional hair and makeup and a gorgeous client wardrobe.

So if 2-14 days is the ideal window for when to schedule your newborn photos, how do you know what to plan for and get on our photography calendar when you don’t know the exact day your baby will make his/her arrival?

I typically advise parents to plan their session around the baby’s due date, scheduling it approximately seven days after. This puts the session right in the sweet spot of the 2-14 day window, allowing for flexibility while ensuring that we capture those precious moments at the perfect time.

Of course, babies don’t always arrive on their due dates, and that’s where flexibility comes into play. Once your little one makes their grand entrance, we can adjust the session date accordingly. Whether it’s keeping the originally scheduled date or finding a new time that works for everyone, I understand the importance of being adaptable to accommodate the needs of both baby and family. I intentionally leave room in my schedule for flexibility for my newborn clients so we can make these adjustments as needed.

Photographing these early days, and telling the story of your family is absolutely humbling, and I would be honored to answer any other questions you have. By knowing when to schedule your newborn photos, we can plan for breathtaking images. Scheduling your session within the first 2-14 days of life, allows us to capture the essence of their littleness in their purest form. And as a newborn photographer, there’s truly nothing more rewarding than being a part of that journey.

Hand-painted backdrop from Elysian Canvas Co.



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