When Should You Do a Maternity Shoot?

December 8, 2022


Celebrating your pregnancy and upcoming motherhood with a maternity shoot is an incredible way to mark this life-changing, yet fleeting, time in your life. You are beautiful, mama, and you deserve to feel it and see it! I adore these sessions, and showing women just what a beautiful, life-giving force they are. 

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The most common question I get regarding sessions, is: When should you do a maternity shoot? I typically recommend around the 27-week mark in your pregnancy. 

So why is the 27-week mark ideal when choosing when you should do a maternity shoot?

You’re experiencing the high of excitement of your second trimester, when so many exciting things happen

  • You’ve likely been feeling better in your second trimester than your first. You’ll have had a chance to settle into your pregnancy and enjoy it more. If you experienced nausea and extreme fatigue during your first trimester, you will likely be feeling much better through your second trimester. This will definitely help you feel more camera-ready. Just remember that every woman and every pregnancy is different. Some expectant moms may not experience morning sickness or extreme fatigue, and others may overwhelmingly feel it throughout their entire pregnancy. 
  • You will have enjoyed the magical moment of feeling your baby move. This is such a special feeling, and can leave you feeling like that magical, powerful, life-giving badass that you are. And that confidence will shine through your portraits. 
  • If you’re choosing to know the sex of your baby, many soon-to-be parents will know this by now. This is exciting and worth celebrating with maternity portraits!! 
  • For many moms, by 7 months your baby bump will be more pronounced. This is typically the time frame when expectant moms want their bump photographed. However, no two bodies are the same, and everyone will develop in their own way, and in their own time. And that’s not only okay, but what makes you special! You are beautiful and it’s still worth having maternity portraits regardless of bump size. I promise, you will still cherish these portraits for a lifetime regardless of how pronounced your bump is. It’s not about comparing to anyone else, it’s about the life you’re creating and the unique, special bond you’re already sharing with your baby.
  • The third trimester is just about to start. This can often increase uncomfortable feelings and anxiety, as you make final preparations before your baby arrives. Soon, you may not be feeling your best, or feel like being in front of the camera. I find it’s best to avoid going too far into the third trimester when choosing when you should do a maternity shoot. Ride that wave of excitement at the end of your second trimester! 

This is such a special time in your life, and I am thrilled that you are wanting to document it with beautiful portraits! You will truly cherish these photos for a lifetime, as will your baby as he/she/they grow up. You are gorgeous, marvelous, and worth celebrating! 

I would be honored to show you your beauty through my camera, with fine-art images captured on film. To schedule your shoot, send me a message here. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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